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Designation: Loan Officer

Phone: 310.362.7724

Email: hayden@convoy-cap.com

Hayden graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia (Mizzou) with a double emphasis in Finance & Banking and Real Estate in December 2015. Upon graduation, he started his career as an analyst, then progressed into a sales role where in marketed, originated, and closed over $25,000,000 in bank, credit union, bridge, and agency debt at Fidelity Bancorp Funding. In order to gain additional industry insight, Hayden worked as an analyst for 1.5 years at Pacific Southwest Realty Services (PSRS) to further his experience within life company and CMBS programs before moving to Convoy Capital in November 2020. Outside of work, Hayden will spend time outdoors skiing, hiking, camping, going to the beach and attempting to improve his terrible golf game. He also enjoys the night life, seeing live concerts, and general socializing with friends and family.


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