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Senior Vice President

Phone: 310.597.4461

Email: garrett@convoy-cap.com

Originally from Monterey, CA, Garrett earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University with a double concentration in Finance & Entrepreneurial Studies.

Prior to joining Convoy, Garrett had worked at 3 top Commercial Real Estate Finance Companies in LA. Since 2015, Garrett has been involved in over $3.5 Billion in Multi-family & Commercial Debt Transactions. One of his main strengths and contribution to the Convoy Capital team is his vast knowledge of product offerings & small balance lenders operating in the Southern CA Multifamily & Commercial Market.

As an agent, Garrett strives to understand the objectives of his clients and identify the most competitive debt providers for their specific transaction. His knowledge of underwriting loans & analyzing borrower credit, allows him to navigate the market and place his client’s transactions with the most competitive lending sources. Garrett’s focus is on commercial loans ranging from $750K – $50MM.


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